FJ Bergmann

recorded in Madison, WI


FJ Bergmann

I’m FJ Bergmann. I’m currently living in Poynette, Wisconsin. Actually, a dot on the map called Leed’s Center, which is not a town or a village or anything, but does exist on the map, between Poynette and DeForest, in the country, and I work in Madison. Wisconsin seems to have a longstanding reputation as a hotbed of poetry. An 1885 newspaper article says more poetry is said to come from Wisconsin than any other state in the Union, and there does seem to be an unusual proliferation of poets in Madison, which is why I’ve been coming to open-mics and slams and readings in Madison for the last 11 years—ever since the last time I moved back to this area. But I don’t consider myself truly a Madison poet or a Wisconsin poet. I think, if anything, I’m more of an Earth poet, and maybe not even that. I’ve said that I have not been pleased with reality, so we’re not going there in most of my poems. I’ve lived a lot of other places in the US, I’ve lived in Europe and travelled quite a bit, and I feel more global than community or place oriented. And even more, I have read a lot of science fiction, and find those places even more appealing. So I’m more committed to the imagination than any geographical place.


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