Lucas Southworth

recorded in Tuscaloosa, AL


Lucas Southworth

My name is Lucas Southworth and I live in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I grew up in Oak Park, Illinois, which is a suburb of Chicago.

The Knox Writers’ House

And where Hemingway is from.


Yes, where Hemingway is from. There is a Hemingway museum there and the high school also has a Hemingway room, which is just a regular room, but with stained glass windows, and they decided to call it the Hemingway room. Also, there’s a café called the Hemmingway Café right across from the museum and it’s spelled wrong. Somebody pointed out that they have too many m’s in it, and they still claim that they meant to spell it wrong, which has got to be false.


[Laughs.] Smooth.


Then I lived in Galesburg, Illinois for four years, then I lived back in Chicago, and then I moved to Iowa for a couple years to get a masters and then I moved down here, and I’ve been here for six years now.

In Another Country by Ernest Hemingway


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